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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 106

1 ! The people dispersed vnder Antiochus do magnifie the goodnes of God among the juste and repentant:

1 a The Prophet exhorteth the people to praiese God for his benefites past, that thereby their mindes maie be strengthened against all present troubles & despaire.

3 b He sheweth that it is not ynought to praise God with mouth, except the whole heart agre therunto, and all our life be thereunto framed.

4 ! Desiring to be broght againe into the land by Gods merciful visitation.

4 c Let the good wil that thou bearest to thy people, extend vnto me, that thereby I maie be receiued in to the nomber of thine.

6 d By earnest confession aswel of their owne, as of their fathers sinnes, they shew that they had hope that God according to his promes wolde pitie them.

8 ! And after the manifolde maruels of God wroght in their deliuerance forthe of Egypt, and the great ingratitude of the people rehearsed,

8 e The inestimable goodnes of God appeareth in this, that he wolde change the ordre of nature, rather then his people shulde not be deliuered, althogh they were wicked.

12 f The wonderful workes of God caused them to beleue for a time and to praise him.

13 g They wolde preuent his wisdome and prouidence.

15 h The abundance that God gaue them, profited not but made them pine away, because God cursed it.

17 i By the greatnes of the punishment, the hainous offence maie be considered: for they that rise against God ministers, rebel against him.

20 k He sheweth that all idolaters renounce God to be their glorie, when instead of him they worship anie creature, muche more wood, stone, metal or calues.

23 l If Moses by his intercession had not obteined Gods fauour against their rebellions.

24 m That is, Canaan, which was as it were an earnest penie of the heauenlie inheritance.

26 n That is, he sware, Somtime also it meaneth to punish.

28 o Which was the idole of the Moabites.

29 q Signifying, that whatsoeuer man inuenteth of him self to serue God by, is detestable & prouoketh his angre.

30 r When all other neglected Gods glorie, he in his zeale killed the adulterers & preuented Gods wrath.

31 s This acte decalred his liuelie faith, & for his faiths sake was accepted.

32 t If so notable a Prophet of God escape not punishment thogh others prouoked him to sinne, how muche more shal they be subject to Gods judgement, which cause Gods children to sin?

37 u He sheweth how monstruos a thing idolatrie is, which can winne vs to things abhorring to nature, where as Gods worde can not obteine moste smale things.

39 x Then true chastitie is to cleaue wholly & onely vnto God.

43 y The Prophet sheweth that nether by menaces, nor promises we can come to God, except we be all together newly reformed, & that his mercie ouercouer and hide our malice.

45 z Not that God is changeable in him self, but that then he semeth to vs to repent, when he altereth his punishment, & forgiueth vs.

47 a Gather thy Church, which is dispersed, and giue vs constancie vnder the crosse, that with one consent we may all praise thee.

47 ! Thei do pray & desire to be gathered from among the heathen to the intent thei may praise the Name of God of Israel.