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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 90

1 a Thus the Scritpure vseth to call the Prophetes.

1 b Thou hast bene as an house and defence vnto vs in all our troubles & trauailes now this foure hundreth yeres.

1 ! Moses in his praier setteth before vs the eternal sauour of God toward his.

2 c Thou hast chosen vs to be thy people before the fundacions of the worlde were laide.

3 ! Who are nether admonished by the breuitie of their life.

3 d Moses by lamenting the frailtei & shortnes of mans life moueth God to pitie.

4 e Thogh man thinke his life long, which is indede most short, yea thogh it were a thousand yeres: yet in Gods sight it is as nothing, and as thy watch that lastest but thre houres.

5 f Thou takest them away suddenly as with a flood.

7 g Thou callest vs by thy rods to consider the shortnes of our life, & for our sinnes thou abbridgest our daies.

9 h Our daies are not onely short, but miserable, sor asmuch as our sinnes daily prouoke thy wrath.

10 i Meaning, according to the commune state of life.

11 k If mans life for the breuitie be miserable, much more , if thy wrath lie vpon it, as they, which feare thee onely knowe

12 l Which is, by considering the shortnes of our life & by meditating the heauenlie joyes.

12 ! Therefore, Moses praieth God to turne their hearts & continue his mercies toward them & their posteritie for euer.

13 / Or, take comfort in thy seruants.

16 o As Gods promises apperteined aswel to their posteritie, as to them, so Moses praieth for the posteritie

16 n Euen thy mercie, which is thy chiefest worke.

17 p Meaning, that it was obscured, when he ceased to do good to his Church.

17 q For except you guide vs with thine holie Spirit, our entreprises can haue no good succes.