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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 60

1 ! Dauid being now King ouer Judah and hauing had manie victories, sheweth by euident signes that God elected him King assuring the people that God wil prosper them, if they approue the same.

1 a These were certeine songs after the note whereof this psalme was sung.

1 b Called also Sophene which standeth by Euphrates.

1 c For when Saul was not able to resist the enemie, the people sted hether & thether: for thei colde not be safe in their owne houses.

3 e Thou hast handled thy people sharply in taking from them sense and judgement, in that thei aided Saul the wicked King and pursued him, to whome God had giuen the just title of the realme.

4 f In making me King, thou hast performed thy promes, which semed to haue lost the force.

6 g It is so certeine, as if it were spoken by an oracle, that I shal possesse these places, which Saul had left to his children.

7 i Dauid meaneth, that in this tribe his kingdome shal be established, {Gen. 49,10}

7 h For it was strong and wel peopled.

8 l For you wilt dissemble and faine as thogh you werest glad.

8 k In most vile subjection.

9 m He was assured that God wolde giue him the strong cities of his enemies wherein they thoght them selues sure.

10 ! After he praieth vnto God to finish that that he hathe begonne.