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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 59

1 ! Dauid being in great danger of Saul, who sent to slay him in his bed, prayeth vnto God:

1 a Read psal. 16.

1 b Thogh his enemies were euen at hand to destroye him, yet he assured him self that God had wayes ynough in his hand to deliuer him.

3 c For I am innocent to them wardes & haue not offended them.

3 ! Declareth his innocencie, & their furie.

5 ! Desiring God to destroye all those that sinne of malicious wickednes.

5 d Seing it apperteineth to Gods judgements to punish the wicked, he desireth God to execute his vengeance on the reprobate, who maliciously persecute his Church.

6 e He compareth their crueltie to hungrie dogs shewing that they are neuer wearie on doing euil.

7 f They boast openly of their wicked deuises, and euerie worde is as a sworde: for thei in ther feare God, nor are ashamed of men.

9 g Thogh Saul haue neuer so great power, yet I knowe that thou doest bridel him: therefore wil I paciently hope on thee.

10 h He wil not faile to succour me, when nede requireth.

11 ! Whome thogh he kepe aliue for a time to exercise his peeple, yet in the end he wil consume them in his wrath.

11 i Althogether, but by litle & litle, that the people seing often times thy judgments may be mindeful of thee.

12 k That in their miserie & shame thei may be as glasses and examples of Gods vengeance.

13 ! That he maye be knowen to be the God of Jaakob to the end of the worlde.

13 l When thy time shal come, and when their haue sufficiently serued for an example of thy vengeance vnto other.

14 m He mocketh at their vaine entreprises, being assured that thei shal not bring their purpose to passe.

16 ! For this he singeth the praises to God, assured of his mercies.

16 n Which didest vse the policie of a weake woman to confounde the enemies strength, as {1 Sam. 19,12}

17 o Confessing him selfe to be voide of all vertue and strength, he attributteth the whole to God.