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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 23

1 ! Because the Prophet had proued the great mercies of God at diuerse times, and in sundrie maners, he gathereth a certeine assurance, fully persuading him self that God wil continue the verie same goodnes towards him for euer.

1 a He hathe care ouer me & ministreth vnto me all things.

3 b He comforteth or refresheth me.

4 d Thogh he were in danger of death, as the shepe that wandreth in the darke valley without his shepherd.

5 e Albeit his enemies soght to destroy him, yet God deliuereth him, & dealeth moste liberally with him in despite of them.

5 f As was the maner of great feastes.

6 g He setteth not his felicitie in the pleasures of this worlde, but in the feare & seruice of God.