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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 4

1 a Among them that were appointed to sing the Psalmes, and to play on the instruments, one was appointed chief to se the tune, & to begine: who had the charge, because he was moste excellent, and he began this Psal onthe instrument called Neginoth, or in a tune so called.

1 ! When Saul persecuted him, he called vpon God, trusting moste assuredly in his promes, and therefore boldely reproueth his enemies, who wilfully resisted his dominion

1 c Bothe of minde and body.

2 d Ye that thinke your selues noble in this worlde.

2 e Thogh your enterprises please you neuer so muche, yea God wil bring them to noght.

4 h Cease your rage.

5 i Serue God purely and not with outward ceremonies.

6 k The multitude seke worldlie welth, but Dauid setteth his felicitie in Gods fauour.

7 ! And finally preserreth the fauour of God before all worldelie treasures.

8 l This worde in Ebrew may be referred to God, as it is here translated, or to Dauid, signifying that he shulde dwel as joyfully alone, as if he had manie about him, because the Lord is with him.