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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 41

1 ! By the greatnes of this monstre Liuiathan God sheweth his greatnes, and his power, which nothing can resist.

1 a If none dare stand against a whale, which is but a creature, who is able to compare with God, the Creator?

4 e Who dare put a bridel in his mouth?

21 i His skinne is so hard that he lieth with as great ease on the stones as in the myre.

22 k Ether he maketh the sea to seme as it boiled by his wallowing, or els he spowteth water in suche abundance, as it wolde seme that the sea boyled.

23 l That is, a white froth, & shinging streame before him.

25 m He despiseth all other beasts & monsters, & is the proudest of all others.