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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 28

1 ! Job sheweth that the wisdome of God is unsercheable.

1 a His purpose is to declare that man may atteine in this wordle to diuers secrets of nature, but man is neuer able to comprehend the wisdome of God.

3 b There is nothing but it is compased within certeine limites, & hathe an end, but Gods wisdom.

4 d Which men can not wade through.

5 e That is, corne, and vndernethe is brimstone or cole, which easely conceiueth fyre.

6 f He alludeth, to the maines and secrets of nature, which are vnder the earth, whereinto nether soules nor beastes can entre.

9 g After that he hathe declared the wisdome of God in the secretes of nature, he describeth his power.

12 h Thogh Gods power, & wisdome may be vnderstand in earthly things, yet his heauenlie wisdome can not be atteined vnto.

13 i It is to hie a thing for man to atteine vnto in this worlde.

15 k It can nether be boght for golde, nor precious stones, but is onely the gift of God.

18 l Which is thoght to be a kinde of precious stone.

21 m Meaning, that there is no natural neanes, whereby man might atteine to the heauenlie wisdome: which he meaneth by the soules, that flie hie.

23 n He maketh God onely the autor of this wisdome, and the giuer thereof.

28 o He declareth that man hathe so muche of this heauenlie wisdome, as he sheweth by fearing God, and departing from euil.