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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 27

2 a He hathe so sore afflicted me, that men cannot judge of mine vprightnes: for thei judge onely by outward signes.

4 b Howsoeuer men judge of me, yet wil I not speake contrarie to that, which I haue said, and so do wickedly in betraying the trueth.

5 c Which condemne me as a wicked man, because the hand of God is vpon me.

5 d I wil not confesse that God doeth thus punish me for my sinnes.

8 f What aduantage hathe the dissembler to gaine neuer so much, seing he shal lose his owne soule?

11 g That is, what God reserueth to himself, & whereof he giueth not the knowledge to ???.

12 h That is, these secret judgements of God, and yet do not vnderstand them.

12 i Why mainteine you then this erroar?

12 k Thus wil God ordre the wicked, & punish him, euen vnto his posteritie.

13 ! The rewarde of the wicked and of the tyrants.

18 m Which bredeth in another mans possession or garment, but is sone shaken out.

19 n He meaneth that the wicked tyrants shal not haue a quiet death, nor be buried honorably.