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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 26

1 ! Job sheweth that man can not helpe God, & proueth it by his miracles.

2 a Thou concludest nothing: for nether you helpest me, which am destitute of all helpe, nether yet speakest sufficiently on Gods behalfe, who hathe no nede of thy defence.

5 d Job begineth to declare the force of Gods power & prouidence in the mines and metals in the depe places of the earth.

6 e There is nothing hid in the bottom of the earth, but he seeth it.

6 f Meaning, the graue wherein theings putrifie.

7 g He causeth the whole heauen to turne about the North pole.

9 h That is, he hideth, the heauens, which are called his throne.

11 k Not that heauen hathe pillers to vpholde it, but he speaketh by a similitude, as thogh he wolde say, The heauen it self is not able to abide his reproche.

13 l Which is a figure of starres facioned like a serpent, because of the crookednes.

14 m If these fewe things, which we se daily with our eyes, declare his great power and prouidence, how muche more wolde they appeare, if we were able to comprehend all his workes?