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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 24

1 b When he punisheth the wicked and rewardeth the good.

1 a Thus Job speaketh in his passions and after the judgement of the flesh: that is, that he seeth not the things that are done at times, nether yet hathe a peculiar care ouer all, because he punisheth not the wicked, nor reuengeth the godlie.

2 ! Job describeth the wickednes of men, and sheweth what curse belongeth to the wicked.

4 c And for crueltie & oppression dare not shewe their faces.

5 e He and his, liue by robbing and murdering.

6 g Signifying, that one wicked man wil not spoile another, but for necessitie.

8 h The poore are driuen by the wicked into rockes and holes, where thei can not lie drye for the rayne.

9 i That is, they so powle and pile the poore widowe, that she can not haue to susteine her self, that she may be able to giue her chidle sucke.

9 k That is, his garment, wherewith he shulde be couered or clad.

11 l In suche places, which are appointed for that purpose: meaning, that those that labour for the wicked, are pined for hungre.

12 ! How all things are gouerned by Gods prouidence,

12 m For the great oppression & extortion.

12 n Crye out & call for vengeance.

12 o God doeth not condemne the wicked, but semeth to passe ouer it by his long silence.

13 p That is, Gods worde, because they are reproued thereby.

15 q By these particular vices, & the licence thereunto, he wolde proue that God punisheth not the wicked & rewardeth the juste.

18 s They thinke that all the worlde is bent against them, & dare not go by the hie way.

18 r He fleeth to the waters for his succour.

19 t As the drye grounde is neuer ful with waters, so wil thei neuer cease sinning, til thei come to the graue.

20 u Thogh God suffer the wicked for a time, yet their end shal be moste vile destruction, & in this point Job cometh to him self and sheweth his confidence.

21 x He sheweth why the wicked shal not be lamented, because he did not pitie others.

22 y He declareth that after that the wicked haue destroyed the weakest, thei wil do like to the stronger, and therefore are justely preuented by Gods judgements.

25 z That is, that contrary to your reasoning no man can giue a perfite reason of Gods judgements, let me be reproued.