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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 23

2 a He sheweth the juste cause of his coomplaining, & as touching that Elphaz had exhorted him to returne to God, {chap. 22,21}, he declareth that he desireth no thing more, but it semed that God wolde not be founde of him.

2 ! Job affirmeth that he bothe knoweth and feareth the power and sentence of the Judge.

6 c Or his mercie he wolde giue me power to answer him.

6 b Vsing his absolute power & saying, Because I am God, I may do what I wil.

7 d When he of his mercie hathe giuen strength to mainteine their cause.

8 e Meaning, that if he consider Gods justice, he is not able to comprehende his judgements on what side or parte soeuer he turneth himself.

10 ! And that he is not punished onely for his sinnes.

10 f God hathe this preeminence aboue me that he knoweth my wayes: to wit, that I am innocent, and I am not able to judge of his workes: he sheweth also his confidence, that God doeth visite him for his profite.

12 g His worde is more precious vnto me, then the meat wherewith the bodie is susteined.

13 h Job confesseth that at this present he felt not Gods fauour, and yet was assured, that he had appointed him to a good end.

14 i In many pointes man is not able to atteine to Gods judgements.

17 l He sheweth the cause of his feare which is, that he being in trouble, seeth none end, nether yet knoweth the cause.