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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 3

1 b Here Job beginneth to Fele his great imperfection in this battel betwene the Spirit and the flesh, {Rom. 7,18}, and after a maner yeldeth, yet in the end he getteth victorie, thogh he was in the meane time greatly wounded.

1 ! Job complaineth and curseth the day of his birth.

1 a The seuen dayes ended, {Chap. 2,13}

3 c Men oght not to be weary of their life, & curse it, because of the infirmities that it is subject vnto, but because they are giuen to sinne and rebellion against God.

4 d Let it be put out of the nomber of dayes, and let it not haue the light of the sunne to separate it from the night.

5 e That is, moste obscure darknes which maketh them afraied of death, that are in it.

8 f Which cursse: the day of their birth, let them lay that cursse vpon this night.

9 / Ebr. the eye liddes of the morning.

11 h This & that which followeth declareth that when man giueth place to his passions, he is not able to stay nor kepe measure, but runneth headling into all euil, except God call him backe.

11 ! He desireth to dye, as thogh death were the end of all mans miserie.

13 i The vehemencie of his afflictions made him to vtter these wordes, as thogh death were the end of all miseries and and as if there were no life after this, which he speaketh not as thogh it were so, but the infirmities of his flesh caused him to brast out into this error of the wicked.

14 k He noteth the ambition of them, which for their pleasure, as it were, change the order of nature, and buylde in moste baren places, because they wolde hereby make their names immortal.

17 l That is, byt death the crueltie of the tyrants hathe ceased.

18 m All they that susteine anie kinde of calamitie and miserie in this worlde: which he speaketh after the judgement of the flesh.

20 n He sheweth that the benefites of God are not comfortable, except the heart by joiful, and the conscience quieted.

23 o That seeth not how to come out of his miseries, because he dependeth not on Gods prouidence.

25 p In my prosperity I loked euer for a fall, as is come now to passe.

26 q The feare of troubles that shulde insue, caused my prosperitie to seme to me as nothing, and yet I am not exempted from trouble.