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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Esther 1

1 b Daniel {chap. 6,1} maketh mencion but of six score, leauing out the nomber that is vnperfit, as the Scripture in diuers places vseth.

1 a Called also Darius, who was now the souereing Monarch, & had the gouernement of the Medes, Persians and Chaldeans. some thinke he was Darius Hystaspis sonne, called also Artaxerxes.

1 ! King Ahashuerosh maketh a royal feast.

6 d Which they vsed in those countreis in stead of tables.

8 f None might be compelled to drinke more then it pleased him.

10 g Which was the last day of the feast that the King made for the people as {verse 5}

13 h That had experience of things, as thes had learned by diligent marking in continuance of time.

14 i Which were his chief counselers, that might haue alwaies accesse to him.

16 k By her disobedience she hathe giuen an example to all women to do the like to their housbands.

18 m Meaning, that thei wolde take first occasion hereof to do the like, & that the rest of women wolde by continuance do the same.

19 n Let her be diuorced & another made Quene.

20 ! The Kings decree touching the preeminence of man.

20 o For he had vnder him an hundreth twentie and seuen countreis.

22 p That is, that the wife shulde be subject to the housband and at his commandement.