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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 3

1 a In Ebrewe, thei sanctified it, that is, they finished it, and so dedicated it to the Lord by prayer in desiring him to mainteine it.

1 ! The nomber of them that buylded the walles.

5 b The riche & mightie wolde not obey them, which were appointed officers in this worke, nether wolde thei helpe thereunto.

7 c Vnto the place where the Duke was donte to sit in judgement, who gouerned the countrey in their absence.

8 / Or, of the apoticaries.

19 d Where the weapons and armour of the citie laye.

22 e Which dwelt in the plaine countrey by Jorden & Jericho.

31 h Which was the place of judgement, or execution.