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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 2

1 a Which was the first moneth of the yere & conteineth part of Marche & part of April.

1 ! After Nehemiah had obteined letters of Artaxerxes.

4 c I desired God in mine heart to prosper mine enterprise.

8 d As God moued me to aske, & as he gaue me good successe therein.

10 e These were great enemies to the Jews & labored alwaies bothe by force & subtiltie to ouer come them, & Tobiah because his wife was a Jewesse, had aduertisement euer of their affaires and so wroght them great trouble.

17 f That is, contemned of ther nations, as thogh God has forsaken vs.

18 g They were incouraged & gaue them selues to do wel, & to trauel in this worthy enterprise.

19 h These were thre chief gouerners vnder the King of Persia beyonde Euphrates.

19 i Thus the wicked when thei wil burthen the children of God, wuer lay treason vnto their charge, bothe because it maketh them moste odious to the worlde, & also stirreth the hatred of princes moste against them.

20 k Nether ye are of the nomber of the children of God (to whome he hathe appointed this citie onely) nether did anie of your predecessours euer feare God.