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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 3

1 a Called Tishri, which answereth to part of September & parte of October.

2 b Meaning, nephewe: for he was the sonne of Pedaiah read {1 Chro. 3,19}

7 ! Thei prepare for the Temple

8 e Which moneth conteined parte of April and parte of May for in the meane season they had prouided for things necessarie for the worke.

9 f They gaue them exhortations & encouraged euerie man forward in the worke.

12 g Because thei sawe that it was nothing so glorious as that Temple, which Salomon had buylt, notwithstanding Ageus comforteth them & prophecieth that it shalbe more beautiful then the first: meaning the spiritual Temple, which are the members of Christes bodie.