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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 2

1 ! The nomber of them that returned from the captiuitie.

1 a Meaning Judea, which was a prouince, that is, a countrey which was in subjection.

2 b Zerubbabel was chief captaine, Jeshua the hie Priest, & Nehemiah a man of great autoritie went not now but came after, 54 yeres.

2 c This was not that Mordecai which was Esters kinsman.

2 d Meaning of the commune people.

21 f That is, inhabitants: for so this word (Sonne) signifieth, when it is joyned with the names of places.

36 g Before he hathe declared the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin, & now commeth to the tribe of Leui & begineth at the Priests.

41 ! The Porters.

43 h So called because thei were giuen to the Temple, to cut wood & beare water for the vse of the sacrifices, & came of the Gibionites which were appointed to this vse by Joshua, {Josh. 9,23}

55 i Which came of them that Salomon had appointed for the worke of the Temple.

61 k Of him is made mencion {2 Sam. 17,27}, & {19,31} & because the Priests office was had in contempt, these wolde haue changed their estate by their name, & so by Gods juste judgement lost bothe the estimation of the worlde & the dignitie of their office.

63 l That is aChalde name & signifieth him that hathe autoritie ouer others.

63 m Read {Exe. 28,30}

69 o Which are called mine, & conteine a piece two markes so 5000 mines make 550000. frankes, which mount to of our many 69666. li. 13 shil 4 d. so that the whole some was 94493 li. 26 shil. 8 d.

69 n Which mount to of our money 24826 li. 13 shil. 4 d. esteming the french crowne at 6 shil. 4 d. for the dramme is the eight part of an ounce, & the ounce the eight part of a marke.