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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 1

1 b Who promised them deliuerance after that seuentie yeres were past, {Jer. 25,11}.

1 ! Cyrus sendeth again the people that was in captiuitie.

1 c That is, moued him and gaue him heart.

2 d For he was chief Monarche, and had manie nacions vnder his dominion, which this heathen King confesseth to haue receiued of the liuing God.

4 e If any through pouertie were not able to returne, the Kings comission was that he shulde be furnished with necessaries.

4 f Which they them selues shulde send toward the reparation of the Temple.

6 g The Babylonians & Chaldeans gaue them these presents: thus rather then the children of God shulde want for the necessities, he wolde stirre vp the heart of the very infideles to helpe them.

8 h So the Chaldeans called Zerubbabel, who was the chief gouernour, so that the preeminence stil remained in the house of Dauid.

8 ! And restoreth them their holy vessels.

9 i Which serued to kill the beastes that were offred in sacrifice.

11 k With the Jewes that had bene kept captiues in Babylon.