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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 36

2 a For thre moneths after the death of Josiah came Necho to Jerusalem & so the plagues began, which Huldah & the Prophets forewarned shulde come vpon Jerusalem.

5 c Because he and the people turned not to God by his first plague, he broght a newe vpon him, and at length rooted them out.

8 d He meaneth superstitious markes which were founde vpon his bodie, when he was dead: which thing declared how depely idolatrie was rooted in his heart, seing he bare the markes in his flesh.

8 ! After him Jehoiachin.

9 e That is, he began his reigne at eight yere olde, and reigned ten yeres when his father was aliue, and after his fathers death, which was the eightente yere of his yere of his age he reigned alone thre moneths and ten dayes.

14 ! In whose time all the people were caryed away to Babel, for contemning the admonicions of the Prophetes.

15 f By this phrase the scripture meaneth often times and diligently, as {Jere. 11,7}, {25,3}, & {4,26}, & {32,33}

16 g Til God colde no longer suffer their sinnes, but muste nedes punish them.

17 h Whether thei fled, thinking to haue bene saued for the holines thereof.

17 i Which is not because God approueth him which yet is the minister of his justice, but because God wolde by his juste judgement this people: for this King was led with ambicion and vaine glorie, whereunto were joyned furie and crueltie: therefore his worke was condemnable, notwithstanding it was juste and holy on Gods parte, who vsed this wicked instrument to declare his justice.

20 k When Cyrus King of Persia, had made the Babylonians subject.

21 l Who threatned the vengeance of God and 70 yeres captiuitie, which he calleth the Sabbaths or rest of the land, {Jere. 25,11}

22 ! And were restored againe the seuentieth yere after by King Cyrus.

22 m Is the first yere that he reigned ouer the Caldeans.

23 n God had so prophecied aboue an hundreth yeres, before Cyrus was borne, {Isa. 44,28}, that Jerusalem & the Temple shulde be buylt againe by Cyrus his anointed: so called, because God vsed his seruice for a time to deliuer his Church.