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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 23

1 a Or the reigne of Athaliah, or after the death of Ahaziah.

1 ! Joash the sonne of Ahaziah is made King.

2 b Meaning of Judah & Benjamin read why they are called Israel, {Chap. 15,17}

5 c Which was the chief gate of the Temple toward the East.

7 d Meaning, to make any tumulte or to hinder their enterprise.

8 e Which had funished their course on the Sabbath, & so the other part entred to kepe their turne.

10 f Meaning, the moste holy place where the Arke stode.

11 g That is, the boke of the Law, or as some read, they put vpon him his royal apparel.

13 h Declaring her vile impudencie, which hauing vnjustly, & by murther vsurped the crowns, wolde stil haue defeated the true possessor, and therefore called, true obedience, treason.

14 i To joyne with her partie, & to mainteine her autoritie.

16 k That they wolde onely serue him and renounce all idolatrie.

17 l According to their couenant made to the Lord.

17 m As the Lord commanded in his Lawe bothe for the persone and also the citie, {Deu. 13,9} & {15}

19 ! Jehoiada appointeth ministers in the Temple.

20 n Which was the principla gate, that the King might be sene of all the people.

21 o For where a tyrant & an idolater reigneth , there can be no quietnes: for the plagues of God are euer among such people.