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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 22

1 a Meaning, the Philistims.

2 c That is, after the death of his father.

2 d She was Ashabs daughter, who was the sonne of Omri.

4 e He sheweth, that it must nedes followe that the rulers are suche as their counselers be & that there can not be a good King, that suffreth wicked counselers.

7 f Hereby we se how nothing can come to any, but by Gods prouidence & as he hathe appointed, & therefore he causeth all meanes to serue to his wil.

9 g This was the juste plague of God, because he joyned him selfe that Gods enemies: yet God to declare the worthines of Jehoshaphat his grandfather, moued them to giue him the honour of buryal.

10 ! Athaliah putteth to death all the Kings linage.

10 h To the intent that there shulde be none to make title to the crowne, & so she might vsurpe the gouernement.

12 i Meaning, in the chamber, where the Priests and Leuites slept, which kept their courses weekly in the Temple.

12 k To wit, of Judah.