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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 13

1 a He meaneth Judah and Benjiamin.

2 c Called also Abshalom, or, Abshalom was her grandefather {1 Ki. 15,2}

4 d Which was one of the toppes of mount Ephraim.

5 e And therefore whosoeuer doeth vsurpe it or take it from that stocke, transgresseth the ordinance of the Lord, thus like an hypocrite he alledged the worde of God for his aduantage.

5 f That is, perpetual, because that thing, which is falted, is preserued from corruption: he meaneth also that it was made solemnely & confirmed by offring of sacrifices, where as thei vsed salt according as was ordeined, {Nom. 18,19}

7 h Meaning, in heart and courage.

7 g This worde in the Chalde tongue is Racha, which our Sauiour vseth, {Matt. 5,22}

7 / Or, fainte hearted.

9 i He sheweth the nature of idolaters which take no trial of the vocation, life & doctrine of their ministers, but thinke the moste vilest & greatest beastes sufficient to serue their turne.

11 k As it was appointed in the Lawe, {Exod. 29,39}

12 ! He trusteth in the Lord and ouercometh Jeroboam.

12 l Because their cause was good & approued by the Lord, thei douted not of the successe and victorie.

13 m Contemning the good counsel which came of the Spirit of God, he thoght to haue ouercome by deceite.

18 n He sheweth that the stay of all kingdomes & assurance of victories depende vpon our trust & confidence in the Lord.