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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 12

1 ! Rehoboam forsaketh the Lord and is punished by Shishak.

1 / Or, when the Lord has established Rehoboams kingdome.

1 a For suche is the inconstancie of the people that for the moste part thei follow the vices of their gouernours.

3 b Which were a people of Africa called the Troglodites, because they dwelled in holes.

5 c Signifying no calamitie can come vnto vs except we forsake God, & that he neuer leueth vs til we haue cast him of.

5 ! Shemaiah reproueth him.

7 / Ebr drop downe.

8 e He sheweth that Gods punishments are not to destroy his vtterly, but to chastise them, to bring them to the knowledge of them selues & to knowe how much better it is to serue God then tyrants.

12 f Which declareth that God seketh not the death of a sinner, but his couersion, {Ezek. 18:32} & {33,11}

13 g That is, twelue yeres after that he had bene ouercome by Shishak, {ver. 2}.

13 ! His reigne and death.

16 ! Abiiah his sonne succedeth him.