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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 27

1 ! Of princes and rulers that ministred vnto the King.

1 / Ebr. diuisions or bandes.

1 a Which executed their charge and office, which is ment by coming in and going out.

21 d Which is beyonde Jorden in respect of Judah also one captiane was ouer the Reuoenites & the Gadites.

24 e And the commandement of the King was abominable to Joab, {Chap. 21,6}

24 f The Ebrewes make bothe these bokes of Chronicles but one, & at this verse make the middes of the boke, as touching the nomber of verses.

32 g That is, a man leared in the worde of God.

32 h To be their scholemasters and teachers.

33 i After that Ahitophel had hanged him selfe, {2 Samu. 17, 27} Jehoiada was made counseler.