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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 26

1 ! The porters of the Temple are ordeined, euerie man to the gate, which he shulde kepe,

1 a This Asaph was not the notable musitian, but another of the name called also Ebialaph, {Chap. 9, 37} & {9,19} & also Jaiaph.

1 / Or, courses and turnes.

6 c Or like their fathers house, meaning worthie men and valiant.

8 d And mete to serue in the office of the portership.

12 e According to their turnes, aswel the one as the other.

14 f One expert and mete to kepe the gate.

15 g This was an house, where they vsed to resort to consulte of things concerning the Temple, as a Conuocacion house.

16 h Whereat they vsed to cast out the filth of the citie, {Isa. 6, 13}

18 k Which was an house wherein they kept the instruments of the Temple.

26 m According as the Lord commanded, {Nomb. 31,28}

29 n Meaning of things that were out of the citie.

32 q Bothe in spiritual and temporal things.