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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 21

1 a He tempted Dauid in setting before his eyes his excellencie & glorie, his power & victories, read {2 Sam. 24,1}

3 c It was a thing indifferent & vsual to nomber the people, but because he did it of an ambitious minde, as thogh his strength stode in his people, God punished him.

5 e In Samuel is mention of thirtie thousand more: which was ether by joyning to them some of the Benjamites, which were mixed with Judah, or as the Ebrewes write, here the chief & princes are left out.

5 d Joab partely for grief and partly through neglience gathered not the whole sumeas it is here declared.

14 ! And there dye seuentie thousand men of the pestilence.

15 g When God draweth backe his plagues, he semeth to repent, read {Gen. 6,6].

15 / Or, Araunah.

17 h Thus he bothe sheweth a true repentance and a fatherlie care toward his people, which desireth God to spare them and to punish him and his.

20 i If man hide him selfe at the sight of an Angel which is a creature, how much lesse is a sinner able to appeare before the face of God?

22 k Thus he did by the commandment of God as {vers 18} for els it had bene abominable except he had ether Gods worde, or reuelacion.

24 l That is, as muche as it is worthe: for hauing ynough of his owne & yet to haue taken of another mans goods to offer vnto the Lord, it had bene theft and not acceptable to God.

26 n God declared that he heard his request in that he sent downe fire from heauen: for els thei might vse no fire in sacrifice, but of that which was reserued stil vpon the altar, {Leui. 6,13} & came down from heauen, {Leui. 9,24}, as appeared by the punishement of Nadab and Abihu, {Leu. 10,1}