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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 19

2 a Because Nahash receiued Dauid & his companie, when Saul persecuted him, he wolde now shewe pleasure to his sonne for the same.

3 b Thus the malicious euer interpret the purpose of the godlie in the worst sense.

4 ! Hanun King of the children of Ammon doeth great injuries to the seruants of Dauid.

4 d To put them to shame and vilanie, where as the ambassadours soght to haue bene honored: and because the Jewes vsed to weare side garments and beards, they thus disfigured them to make them odious to others.

4 c They shaued of the halfe of their beardes, {2 Samu 10,4}

6 / Or, had made them selues to be abhorred of Dauid.

6 ! He prepareth an armie against Dauid

7 f Which was a citie of the tribe of Reuben beyonde Jorden.

13 g He declareth, that where the cause is euil, the courage can not be valiant, and that in good causes men oght to be couragious & commit the successe to God.