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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 18

1 ! The battel of Dauid against the Philistims.

1 / Or, payed tribute.

1 a Which {2 Sam. 8,1} is called the bridle of bondage, because it was a strong towne, and kept the countrey round about in subjection.

3 / Or, Hadad ???

3 / Or, Euphrates.

6 b That is, in all things that he enterprised.

8 c Which {2 Samuel 8, 8} are called Betah & Berothai.

11 e Because the Edomites and the Syrians joyned their power together, it is said {2 Sam. 8,12}, that the Aramites were spoiled.

12 f Which is vnderstand that Joab slewe twelue thousand, as is in the title of the threscore psal. and Abisai the rest.