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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 17

1 b That is, in tents couered with skinnes.

2 c As yet God had not reueled to the Prophet what he purposed concerning Dauid: therefore feing God fauored Dauid, he spake what he thoght.

3 ! Dauid is forbidden to buylde an house vnto the Lord.

3 d After that Nathan had spoken to Dauid.

5 e That is, in a tent which remoued to and fro.

6 f Meaning, wheresoeuer his Arke wente, which was a signe of his presence.

7 g Of a shepherd of shepe I made thee a shepher of men, so that thou camest not to this dignitie through thine owne merites, but by my pure grace.

9 / Ebr. sonnes of iniquitie.

9 / Or, consume.

12 ! Christ is promised under the figure of Salomon.

12 k That is, vnto the coming of Christ for then these signes should cease.

16 n Meaning, to this kinglie estate.

16 m He went into the tent where the Arke was shewing what we oght to do when we receiue anie benefites of the Lord.

17 o Thou hast promised a kingdome that shal contineu to me and my posteritie, and that Christ shal procede of me.

19 p Fely, and according to the purpose of thy wil, without anie deseruing.

24 q That is, he sheweth him selfe in dede to be their God, by deliuering them from dangers & preseruing them.

25 r Thou hast declared vnto me by Nathan the Prophet.

25 / Ebr hathe founde.