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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 11

1 a This was after the death of Ishbosheth Sauls sonne, when Dauid had reigned ouer Judah seuen yeres and six moneths in Hebron, {2 Sam. 5, 5}

3 ! After the death of Saul is Dauid annointed in Hebron.

5 ! The Jebusites rebell against Dauid, from whome he taketh the towre of Zion.

11 b Meaning the moste excellent & best estemed for his valiantnes: some read, the chief of the princes.

14 c This act is referred to Shamah, {2 Sam. 23,11} which semeth was the chiefest of these.

19 e That is, this water, for the which they ventured their blood.

25 f Meaning, those thre which broght the water to Dauid.

29 h He is also called Mebunnai, {2 Sam. 23,27}