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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 4

1 a Meaning, they came of Judah as neuewes & kinsmen: for onely Pharez was his natural sonne.

4 b The first borne of his mother, & not the eldes sonne of his father.

9 c Otherwise called Othniel, {Judg 1:13}

10 d It is to be vnderstand, that then he wolde accomplish his vowe which he made.

14 e The Lord of the valley where the artificers did worke.

18 / Or, she bare, meaning the seconde wife of Ezrah.

18 / Or, of whome he had Mered.

23 g They were King Dauids gardiners and serued him in his workes.

24 h His sonne Ohad is here omitted.

28 i These cities belonged to the tribe of Judah {Josh 19, 1} and were giuen to the tribe of Simeon.

31 k Then Dauid restored them to the tribe of Judah.

39 l For the tribe of Simeon was so great in nomber that in the time of Ezekiah thei soght newe dwellings vnto Gedor, which is in the tribe of Dan.