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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 25

1 ! Jerusalem is besieged of Nebuchad-nezzar & taken.

1 a That is, of Zedekiah.

1 b Which the Ebrewes call Tebet, and it conteineth part of December & parte of Januarie.

1 c In so muche that the mothers did eat their children {Lametn. 4,10}

1 / Or, a mount

4 d Which was a postern dore or some secret gate to issue out at.

6 e Or condemned him for his perjurie & treason, {1 Chro. 36,13}

7 ! The sonnes of Zedekiah are slayne before his eyes, & after are his wone eyes put out.

8 f Jeremie writteth {Chap. 52, 12} the tenth day, because the fyre continued from the seuenth day to the tenth.

18 i That is, one appointed to succede in the hie Priests rowme, if he were sicke or els otherwise letted.

19 k Jeremie maketh mencion of seuen, but here he speaketh of them that were the chiefest.

24 l That is, he did exhorte them in the Name of the Lord, according to Jeremies consel, to submit them selues to Nebuchad-nezzar, seing it was the reueled wil of the Lord.

26 m Contrary to Jeremies counsel, {Jere. 40, 41 & 42, 43}

27 n Thus long was he, his wife, & his children in Babylon whome Nebuchadnezzars sonne, after his fathers death, preferred to honour: thus God prouidence the sede of Dauid was reserued euen vnto Christ.

30 o Meaning, that he had an ordinarie in the court.