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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 13

5 c To wit, Joash the sonne of Jehoahaz.

6 e Wherein thei did commit their idolatrie, & which the Lord had commanded to be destroyed, {Deu. 16, 20}

7 f That is, Hazael and Benhadad his sonne as {vers 3} read of Hazael {Chap 8,12}

10 g His chief purpose is to describe the kingdome of Judah & how God performed his promes made to the house of Dauid but by the way he sheweth thow Israel was afflicted and punished for their great idolatrie, who thogh they had now degenerat, yet God bothe by sending them sundry Prophetes and diuers punishments did call them vnto him againe.

14 h Thus thei vsed to call the Prophetes and seruants of God by whome God blessed his people, as {chap. 2,12} meaning that by their prayers thei did more prosper their countrey then by force of armies.

17 i That is, toward Syria, so that he did not onely prophecie with wordes, but also confirmed him by there sign that he shulde haue the vicotorie.

19 k Because he semed content to haue victorie against the enemies of God for twise or thrise, and had not a zeale to ouercome them continually and to destroy them vtterly.

21 l By this miracle God confirmed the autoritie of Elisha whose doctrine in his life they contemned, that at this sight they might returne & imbrace the same doctrine.

23 m That is, vntil their sinnes, were come to a ful measure, & there was not more hope of amendment.

2 a By worshiping the calues, which Jeroboam did erect in Israel.

3 ! Jehoahaz the sonne of Jehu is deliuered into the hands of the Syrians.

3 ! He prayeth vnto God and is deliuered.