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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 6

6 b God wroght this miraculously to confirme the autoritie of Elisha, to whome he had giuen suche abundance of his Spirit.

6 ! Elisha maketh yron to swimme aboue the water.

8 c Meaning, that he wolde lie in ambushe & take the Israelites at vnwares.

8 ! He discloseth the King of Syrais counsel to the King of Israel.

10 d The wicked conspire nothing so craftely, but God can reueile it to his seruants & cause their counsel to be disclosed.

12 e There is nothing so secret that thou canst go about, but he knoweth it, & discouereth it vnto his King.

13 ! Who sending certeine to take him, were kept fast in Samaria.

14 f Thogh it had bene nothing in mans judgement to haue taken Elisha, yet the wicked euer doute: & thinke thei are neuer able to prepare power ynog, thogh it be but against one, or a fewe.

16 g For he was assured of Gods helpe, & that millions of Angels camped about the godlie to deliuer them.

17 h That he may beholde how thou hast prepaed an armie to rescue vs.

18 i Meaning, the Syrians his enemies, which came downe, thinking them selues sure of him.

19 k Thus he did being led by the Spirit of God & not because he soght his wone reuengance, but onely to set forthe the glorie of God.

21 l The wicked vse reuerent & graue wordes towardes the seruants of God, when they thinke to haue anie comoditie by them, thogh in their heart they can not abyde them.

23 m For this gentle intreatie & the miracle wroght by the Prophet, did more preuaile for commune quietnes, then if they had bene ouercome in battel: for they returned no more at that time to fight against Israel, or in that Kings dayes.

24 ! Samariais besieged and endureth extreme famine.

27 o Meaning, anie kinde of vitale, as corne and wine, &c.

30 p Thus hypocrites, when they fele Gods judgements thinke to please him without ward ceremonies, whome in prosperitie they wil not knowe.

32 q Meaning, Jehoram Achaba sonne who killed the Prophetes & caused Naboth to be stoned.

33 r So the wicked fall into a rage & desperation, if they finde not ??? deine remedy against these afflictions.