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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 5

1 a Here appeareth that among the infedles God hat his and also that the infideles haue them in estimation, which do good to their countrey.

4 c That is, Naaman tolde it to the King of Syria.

5 / Ebr. in his hand.

8 e The Prophet rebuketh the King because he did not consider that God was true in his promes & wolde not leaue his Church destitute of a Prophet, whose prayers he wolde heare, and to whome other shulde haue recourse for comforte.

11 f Mans reason murmureth when it considereth onely the signes and outwarde things & hathe not regarde to the worde of God, which is there conteined.

13 g This declareth that seruants oght to reuerence and loue their masters as children their fathers, and likewise masters toward their seruants muste be affectioned as towarde their children.

16 h So the Lord commandeth that they that receiue freely shulde giue also freely.

18 i He feleth his conscience wounded in being present at idoles seruice, and therefore desireth God to forgiue him lest others by his example might fall to idolatrie: for as his owne parte he confesseth that he wil neuer serue anie, but the true God.

19 k The Prophet did not approue his act but after the commune maner of speeche, he biddeth him fare wel.

21 l Declaring thereby what honour and affection he bare to the Prophet his master.

24 m Naamans seruants.

26 o That is, money to by possessions with: meaning that it is destestable in the seruants of God to haue couetous mindes.

27 p To be an example to all suche, as by whose couetousnes Gods worde might be slandered.

27 ! Gehazi is stricken with leprosie, because he toke money, & raimet of Naaman.