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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 4

1 b And therefore fel not into det by vnthriftines or prodigalitie, but by the hand of the Lord.

1 c Because I am poore and not able to pay.

1 a Read {Chap 2,3}

2 d Thus God suffreth his many times to be broght to extreme necessitie, before he succor them, that afterwarde they may the more praise his mercie.

4 e The Prophet declareth hereby vnto her, that God neuer faileth to provide for his seruants, their wiues & children, if they trust in him.

4 ! God increaseth the oyle to the poore widowe by Elisha.

7 g God here did not onely prouide for his seruant that his dets shulde be payed, & so kept his doctrine and profession without slander, but also for his wife and children.

10 h Which shulde be separate from the rest of the house, that he might more commodously giue him slefe to study and prayers.

12 ! He obteineth for the Shunammite a sonne at Gods hand.

13 i Thus the seruants of God are not vnthankful for the benefites they receyue.

13 k I am content with that that God hathe sent me, and can want nothing that one can do for another.

14 l Which then was a reproche & therefore he wolde that his master shulde pray to God for her that she might be fruteful.

19 m His head aked sore, and therefore he cryed thus.

23 n For at suche times the people were wonte to resorte to the Prophetes for doctrine and consolacion.

27 o In token of humilitie and joy that she had met with him.

27 / Ebr her soule is to bitternes.

29 p Make suche spede that nothing may let thee in the way, {Luk. 10, 4}

34 q The like did Eliiah to the widowes sone at Sarephta {1 King 17,21} and S Paul {Act 20} to signifying that care that oght to be in them that beare the worde of God and are distributers of the spiritual life.

39 t Which the Apoticaries call colloquintida, and is moste vehement and dangerous in purging.

40 u They feared that they were poysoned, because of the bitternes.

43 x It is not the quantitie of bread that satisfieth, but the blessing that God giueth.