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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 3

1 a Read the annotacion in the {1 Chap. & 17} verse.

1 ! The reigne of Jehoram

3 b He sacrificed to the golden calues, that Jeroboam had made.

4 c This was done after that Dauid had made the Moabites tributaries to his ??? coffers.

6 ! He and Jehoshaphat go to warre against Moab, which rebelled.

9 e Meaning, the viceroy or Lieutenant of the King of Judah, read {1 King 22:48]

9 / Ebr. that were as their fete.

12 g He is able to instruct vs what is Gods wil in this point.

13 h He knewe that this wicked King wolde haue but vsed his counsel to serue his turne, & therefore he disdained to answer him.

13 i The wicked esteme not the seruants of God, but when they are driuen by very necessitie & feare of the present danger.

13 ! Elisha reroueth him,

14 k God suffreth his worde to be declared to the wicked, because of the goldlie that anre among them.

15 l He sang songs to Gods glorie, and so stirred vp the Prophetes heart to prophecie.

18 m He wil not onely miraculously giue you waters, but your enemies also into your hand.

19 n Thogh God bestowe his benefites for a time vpon his enemies, yet he hathe his seasons, when he wil take them away, to the intent thei might se his vengeance, which is prepared against them.

23 o The ??? joye of the wicked is but a preparacion to their destruction, which is at hand.

24 p Meaning, they followed them into the townes.

24 ! The Moabites are ouercome.

25 q Which was one of the principal cities of the Moabites, wherein they left nothing, but the walles.

27 r Some referre it to the King of Edoms sonne, whome they say he had taken in that skirmish, but rather it semed to be his owne sonne, whome he offred to his gods to pacifie them, which barbarous crueltie moued the Israelites hearts of pitie to departe.

27 ! Their King sacrificeth his sonne.