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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 2

1 a Which was the place where the children of Israel were circumcised after they came ouer Jorden & had bene fourtie yeres in the wildernes, as {Josh. 5, 9}

1 ! Eliiah deuideth the waters with his cloke.

3 c That is, from being any more thine head: for to be as the head, is to be the master, as to be at the fete, is to be a scholar.

3 d For the Lord had reuiled it vnto him.

3 b So called because they are begotten as it were anewe by the heauenlie doctrine.

5 e Not onely at Beth-el, but at Jericho and other places were there Prophetes, which had scholars, whome they instructied and broght vp in the true feare of God.

9 g Let thy Spirit haue double force in me, because of these dangerous times: or let me haue twise so muche as the rest of the Prophetes: or thy spirit being deuided into thre partes, let me haue two.

11 h Thus God hathe left a testimonie in all ages bothe before the Lawe, in the Lawe, & in the time of the Gospel of the resurrection.

15 i The Spirit of prophecie is giuen to him, as it was to Eliiah.

16 l Because the fact was extraordinarie, thei douted where he was become, but Elisha was assured that he was taken vp to God.

16 k Meaning Eliiah: for they thoght his bodie had bene cast in some mountaine.

21 m Thus God gaue him power, euen contrary to nature, to make that water profitable for mans vse, which before was hurtful.

23 ! The children that mocke Elisha, are rent in pieces with beares.

24 n Perceiuing their malicious heart against the Lord and his worde, he desireth God to take vengeance of that injurie done vnto him.