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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 1

2 b The Philistims, which dwelt at Ekron, worshipped this idole, which signifieth the god of flies, thinking that he colde preserue them from the giting of flies: or els he was so called because flies were ingendred in great abundance of the blood of the sacrifices that were offred to that idole.

2 a So that he was punished for his idolatrie after two sortes: for the Moabites, which were wonte to pay him tribute, rebelled, & he fel downe at a grate which was vpoin his house to giue light benethe.

2 ! Ahaziah by a fall falleth sicke & consulteth with Baal-zebub.

3 c He sheweth that idolaters haue not the true God, for ls they wolde seke to none but to him alone.

3 ! He is reproued by Eliiah.

6 d Ignorance is the mother of error and idolatrie.

8 e Some thinke that this is ment of his garments which were rough & made of heere.

10 ! The captaines ouer fiftie were sent to Eliiah, whereof two were burnt with fire from heauen by his prayer.

10 g He declareth what power Gods worde hathe in the mouthe of his seruants, when they threaten Gods judgements against the wicked.

11 h He spake this in mockery & therefore prouoked Gods wrath so muche the more.

12 i Meaning, that God wolde shewe by effect, whether he was a true Prophet or not.

13 k Which humble my selfe before God & his seruant.

13 l That is, spare my life & let me not dye as the other two.

15 m Thus the Lord giueth boldenes to his that they feare not the threatenings of tyrants, which otherwise of them selues are afraide to do Gods message.

17 ! Ahaziah dyeth, and Jehoram his brother succedeth him.

17 n Jehoshaphat going to battel against Syrians, made his sonne Jehoram King in the 17 year of his reigne: and in the 18 yere, which was the seconde yere of his sonne, Jehoram the sonne of Ahab reigned in Israel: and in the fifthe yere of this Jehoram Jehoshaphat dyed and the kingdome of Judah was confirmed to his sonne.