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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 20

1 / Or, Syria

1 a That is, gouernours, and rulers of prouinces.

1 ! Samaria is besieged.

6 c He wolde not accept his answer, except he did out of hand deliuer whatsoeuer hs shulde aske: for he soght an occasion, how to make warre against him.

8 d They thoght it their dueties rather to venter their liues, then to grant to that thing which was not lawful, onely to satisfie the lust of a tyrant.

10 e Much lesse shal there be founde anie pray, that is worthie anie thing, when they shalbe so manie.

13 ! The Lord promiseth the victorie to Ahab by a Prophet.

13 g Before God went about with signes and miracles to pul Ahab from his impietie, and now again with wonderful victories.

17 h That is, yong men trained in the seruice of princes.

20 i With them that were appointed for the preseruacion of his persone.

20 / Ebr. man.

20 / Or, Syrians.

23 k Thus the wicked blaspheme God in their furie, whome notwithstanding he suffreth not vnpunished.

27 l All they which were in the battel of the former yere, {ver. 15}.

28 m Who am of like power in the valley, as I am on the hills, and can aswel destroy a multitude with fewe as with manie.

31 ! The King of Israel made peace with Ben-hadad, and is reproued therefore by the Prophet.

31 n In signe of submission, and that we haue deserued death, if he wil punishe vs with rigour.

33 o He is aliue

34 p Thou shalt appoint in my chief citie what thou wilt, and I will obey thee.

35 q By this external signe he wolde more liuely touche the Kings heart.

36 r Because thou hast transgressed the commandement of the Lord.

39 s By this parable he maketh Ahab condemne him selfe, who made a couenant with Gods enemie, and let him escape, whome God had appointed to be slaine.