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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 19

2 b Thogh the wicked rage against Gods children, yet he holdeth them backe that they can not execute their malice.

4 c So hard a thing it is to bridel our impacience in affliction that the saints colde not ouercome the same.

5 ! Eliiah fleing from Jezebel is nourished by the Angel of God.

7 d He declareth that except God had nourished him miraculously, it had not bene possible for him to haue gone this journey.

10 e He complaineth, that the more zealous that he shewed him self to mainteine Gods glorie, the more cruelly was he persecuted.

11 f For the nature of man is not able to come nere vnto God, if he shoulde appeare in his strength & ful majestie, & therefore of his mercie he submitteth him self to our capacitie.

14 g We oght not to depend on the multitude in mainteining Gods glorie, but because our duetie so requireth, we oght to do it.

15 ! He is commanded to anoint Hazael, Jehu, and Elisha.

18 h He declareth that wicked dissemblers and idolaters are not his.

20 i Thogh this natural affection is not to be contemned, yet it oght not to moue vs when God calleth vs to serue him.

21 k He wolde not stay til wood was broght, so freat was his desire to followe his vocation.