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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 18

1 a After that he departed from the riuer Cherath.

3 b God had begonne to worke his feare in his heart, but had not yet broght him to that knowledge, which is also requisit of the godly: that is, to professe his Name openly.

7 c God pitieth oft time the wicked for the godly sake, & causeth Eliah to mete with Obadiah, that the benefite might be knowen to be granted for Gods children sake.

12 d I am none of the wicked persecuter, that thou shouldest procure vnto me suche displeasure, but serue God and fauour his children.

15 e By my presence I wil declare that thou hast tolde him the trueth.

18 f The true ministers of God oght not onely not to suffer the trueth to be vnjustely sklandered, but to reproue boldly the wicked sklanderers without respect of persone.

21 g Be constant in religion & make it not as a thing indifferent whether ye followe God or Baal, or whether ye serue God wholly or in parte.

24 h By sending downe fire from heauen to burne the sacrifice.

27 l He mocketh their beastly madnes, which thinke that by anie instance or sute the dead & vile tooles can helpe their worshipers in their necessities.

32 / Ebr. ??? which some think conteine about thre pottels & a third parte a piece.

35 m Hereby he declared the excellent power of God, who contrary to nature colde make the fyre burne euen in the water, to the intent thei shulde haue none occasion to doute, that he is the onelie God.

37 n Thogh God suffer his to runne in blindenes & error for a time, yet at the length he calleth them home to him by some notorious signe & worke.

40 o He commanded them that as they were truly persuaded to confesse the onely God: so thei wolde serue him with all their power & destroye the idolaters his enemies.

43 p As Gods Spirit moued him to pray, so was he strenghened by the same, that he did not faint, but continued stil til he had obteined.

45 ! He obteineth raine.

46 q He was so strengthened with Gods Spirit, that he ran faster then the charet was able to runne.