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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 2

1 ! Dauid exhorteth Salmon, and giueth charge as concerning Joab, Barzillai, and Shumei.

3 b He sheweth how hard a thing it is to gouerne, and that none can do it wel, except he obey God.

4 / Ebr. a man shal not be cut of to thee from of the throne.

4 c And without hypocrisie.

5 d He shed his blood in time of peace, as if there had bene warre.

5 e He put the bloody sworde into his sheathe.

13 h For she feared, lest he wolde worke treaon against the King.

19 k In token of reuerence, and that others by his example might haue her in greatest honour.

22 l Meaning, that if he shullde haue granted Abishag, which was so deare to his father, he wolde afterwarde haue aspired to the kingdome.

25 ! He is slaine.

26 / Ebr. a man of death.

26 m When he fled before Absalom, {2 Sam. 15, 24}

28 n He toke Adoniiahs parte when he wolde haue vsurped the kingdome, {Chap. 1,7}.

29 o Thinking to be saued by the holines of the place.

31 p For it was lawful to take the wilful murtherer from the altar, {Exod. 31,14}

33 q Joab shalbe justely punished for the blood that he hathe cruelly shed.

35 r And so toke the office of the hie Priest from the house of Eli, & restored it to the house of Phinehas.

39 s Thus God appointeth the waies & meanes to bring his juste judgements vpon wicked.

40 t His couetous minde moued him rather to venture his life, then to lose his worldely profit, which he had by his seruants.

44 u For thogh the woldest denie, yet thine owne conscience wold accuse thee, for reuiling & doing wrong to my father, {2Sam. 16:5}.