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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 24

1 a Before they were plagued with famine, {Chap. 21,1}

1 b The Lord permitted Satan, as {1 Chro. 21,1}

1 ! Dauid causeth the people to be nombred.

2 c Because he did this to trie his power and so to trust therein, it offended God, els it was lawful to nomber the people, {Exod. 30,12}, {Nomb. 1, 2}

9 d According to Joabs counte: for in all there were eleuen hundreth thousand, {1Chro. 21,5}

10 ! He repenteth, and chuseth to fall into Gods hands.

11 f Whome God had appointed for Dauid and his time.

13 g For 3 yeres of famine were past or the Gibionites matter: this was the 4 yere, to the which shulde haue bene added another 3 yeres more, {1 Chro. 21,12}

15 h From the one side of the countrey to the other.

15 ! Seuentie thousand perish with the pestilence.

16 i The Lord spared this place, because he had chosen it to buylde his temple there.

17 k Dauid sawe not the iust cause, why God plagued the people, & therefore he offreth him selfe to Gods corrections, as the onely cause of this euil.

23 m That is abundantly, for as some write he was King of Jerusalem before Dauid wanne the towre.

24 n Some write, that euer tribe gaue 50, which make 600, or that afterwarde he boght as muche as came to 550 shekels, {1 Chron. 21, 25}.

9 e Concluding vnder them the Benjamites: for els they had but foure hundreth & seuentie thousand, {1 Chro 21,5}