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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 18

1 a For certein of the Reubenites, Gadites, & of the halfe tribe, colde not beare the insolencie of the sonne against the father, & therefore joyned with Dauid.

3 b Signifying, that a good gouernour oght to be so deare vnto his people, that they wil rather lose their liues, then that oght shulde come vnto him.

6 c So called because the Ephraimites (as some say) fed their cattel beyonde Jorden in this wood.

9 / This is a terrible example of God vengeance against them that are rebels or disobedient to their parents.

9 ! Absalom is hanged slaine, and cast in a pit.

16 d For he had pitie of the people, which was seduced by Absaloms flatterie.

18 f It semeth the God had punished him, in taking away his children.

20 g For Joab bare a good affection to Ahimaaz, & douted how Dauid wold take the reporte of Absaloms death.

24 h He sate in the gate of the citie of Mahanaim.

27 i He had had experience of his fidelitie, {Chap. 17,21}

33 l Because he considered bothe the judgement of God against his sinne, & colde not, otherwise hide his fatherly affection toward his sonne.

33 ! Dauid lamenteth the death of Absalom.