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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 17

1 a The wicked are so gredy to execute their malice, that they leaue none occasion, that may further the same.

7 / Ahithophels counsel is ouerthrowen by Hushai.

7 c Hushai sheweth him selfe faithful to Dauid, in that he reproueth this wicked counsel and purpose.

14 e For by the counsel of Hushai he went to the battel where he was destroyed.

14 ! The Lord had so ordeined.

14 d That counsel which semed good at the first to Absalom, {vers. 4}

14 / Or, commanded.

17 / Or, the well of Rogel.

19 h Thus God sendeth succour to his in the greatest dangers.

19 ! The Priests sonnes are hid in the well.

20 i The Chalde text readeth, now they haue passed the Jorden.

22 l They traueled all night, & by morning had all their companie passed ouer.

23 m Gods juste vengeance euen in this life is powred on them, which are enemies, traitours, or persecuters of his Church.

28 o God sheweth himselfe moste liberale to his when they seame to be vtterly destitute.