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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 14

2 ! Absalom is reconciled to his father by the subteltie of Joab.

2 / Or, wise.

2 b In token of mourning: for thei vsed anointing to seme cheareful.

6 c Vnder this parable she describeth the death of Amnon by Absalom.

7 d Because he hathe slayne his brother, he oght to be slayne according to the Lawe, {Gen. 9,6}, {exod. 21,12}.

9 e As touching the breache of the Lawe which punisheth blood, let me beare the blame.

9 / Or, innocent.

11 f Sweare that thei shal not reuenge the blood, which are many in nomber.

13 g Why doest thou giue contrary sentence in thy sonne Absalom?

14 h God hathe prouided waies (as sanctuaries) to saue them oft times, whome man judgeth worthy death.

15 i For I thoght they wolde kil this mine heir.

17 k Is of great wisdome to discerne right from wrong.

19 l Hast not thou done this by the counsel of Joab?

20 m By speaking rather in a parable then plainely.

20 / Or, none can bide oght from the King.

24 o Couering hereby his affection, and shewing some parte of justice to please the people.

26 p Which weighed 6 l. 4 onces after halfe an once the sheckel.

30 q The wicked are impacient in their affections, & spare no vnlawful meanes to compasse them.

30 ! He causeth Joabs corne to be burnt, and is broght to his fathers presence.

30 / Or, possession.

32 r If I haue offended by reuenging my sisters dishonour: thus the wicked justifie them selues in their euil.