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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 10

2 a The children of God are not vnmindeful of a benefit receiued.

3 b Their arrogant malice wolde not suffer them to se the simplicitie of Dauids heart: therefore their counsel turned to the destruction of their countrey.

3 / Ebr In thine eyes doeth Dauid.

4 ! The messengers of Dauid are vilainously entreated of the Kings of Ammon.

6 c That they had deserued Dauids displeasure, for the injurie done to his ambassadours.

8 d These were diuers parts of the countrey of Syria, whereby appeareth that the Syrians serued, where thei might haue interteinement, as now the Sweitzers do.

12 e Here is declared wherefore warre oght to be vndertaken: for the defence of true religion and Gods people.

16 ! Or, Hadadezer.

18 g Which were the chiefest & moste principal: for in all he destroyed 7000, as {1Chro 19:18}: or, the soldiers which were in 700 charets.