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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 3

1 a That is, with out intermission induring two yeres, which was the whole reigne of Ishbosheth.

3 ! Long warre betwene the houses of Saul and Dauid

8 d Doest thou esteme me no more then a dog, for all my seruice done to thy fathers house?

9 e We se how the wicked can not abide to be admonished of their fautes, but seke their displeasure, which go about to bring them from their wickednes.

12 / Or, secretly.

17 f Rather for malice that he bare towarde Ish-bosheth, then for loue he bare to Dauid.

19 g Who chalenged the kingdome, because of their father Saul.

24 i Here appeareth the malicious minde of Joab, who wolde haue had the King to slay Abner for his priuate grudge.

28 / The Lord knoweth that I did not consent to his death.

30 l Abishal is said to slay him with Joab, because he consented to the murther.

33 n He declareth that Abner dyed not as a wretch vile persone, but as a valiant man might do, being traiterously deceiued by the wicked.

35 o According to their custome, which was to banket at buryals.

36 p It is expedient sometime not onely to conceiue inwarde sorrow but also that it may appeare to others to the intent that they may be satisfied.